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10 Inspiring things about Femi Bakre the CEO of Krakstv

Did you know today is Femi Bakre’s  the CEO of Kraskstv’s birthday? Well, now you know. Some weeks ago, I promised to share inspiring stories, biographies and life stories on the new page I created on my blog, Inspiring stories. Well, today, I am fulfilling that promise with this post.

As a good girl that I am, I follow Kraskstv on Instagram. Of course, I won’t dull myself not to do so. Do you also follow Krasktv too? If you don’t, then I can tell you that you are missing out of so much fun (winks).

So Femi Bakre is the brain behind the hilarious brand, Krakstv that constantly posts hilarious contents to engage users every day. But beyond the glamour of the brand, let’s get to meet the CEO a bit. I have done some background study of Femi Bakre, the CEO of Krakstv, and see what I saw about this inspiring young man.  Hey, did I add that he is also very cute? (I am not tripping oo)

10 Inspiring things about Femi Bakre, the CEO of Krasktv

1.Femi Bakre  was the overall best graduating student from the  University of Lagos, Akoka , 2014 set.

2. Upon graduation from the university, Femi Bakre taught at Hogas International college for 11 months.

3. In 2017, he bagged his master’s degree from the Imperial College London.

4. During his mandatory National Youth Service, Femi started posting memes across social media. After receiving so much amazing reception on his posts, he formed the hilarious and content engaging Krasktv.

5.He started Krakstv in the year 2015 as an entertainment (read comedy) brand and now has a following of over 2 million people across various social media platforms.

6.Femi Bakre founded  Krakstv with zero seed capital, but today, the company currently boasts of having a workforce of over 30 people and provides bespoke services which include content creation, digital marketing, branding, and media consultancy for her clientele.

7. In 2017 and at the age of 24, Femi Bakre won the Future Africa Award prize for New media.

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8. Femi Bakre’ role model is  the current richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. He eyes transforming Krakstv from just a content creation company to a global tech giant just like Amazon-owned by Jeff Bezos.

9. Femi’s fun side: He loves to hangout at amusement parks, eat rice and beans as his favorite food, dress casually and his dream car is Bugatti Chiron Sport.

10.Femi Bakre is a brother to Tobi Bakre, one of the 2018 Big Brother Nigeria Contestants.



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I love Femi’s words as shared on Bella Naija

‘’Your dreams are valid, and nothing is impossible as long as you believe. Our environment may not be enabling, but it is in the DNA of every Nigerian to grind through and make things work despite the adversity’’.

Truly speaking,

Femi Bakre is such an inspiring young man with big dreams to diversify Krakstv into print, TV, radio, and Tech in the nearest future.


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