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25 Business Lessons to Learn from the Book- The Entrepreneur Mind, by Kevin D. Johnson

The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson
The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson

What got me attracted to reading this book; The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson was the size and outlook of the book. The Author isn’t one of the very popular Authors I know of, and I got so interested to read what this man had to say about business.

Interestingly, I finished reading the book in 2 weeks (winks) and when I finished reading the book, I was so wowed by the things I learned from the book and it automatically became my second favourite book on earth.

Enough of me and my fascination!!!

Let’s learn some business lessons from the book; The Entrepreneur Mind, by Kevin D. Johnson

1. There are 2 types of Entrepreneurs:

  • Blue ocean Entrepreneurs: Those with new and innovative ideas.
  • Red ocean Entrepreneurs: Those who compete in already crowded markets.

2. Entrepreneurship is an act that can be learned.

3. A business can fail in 2 ways; not surviving beyond its start and not reaching its full potential.

4. People with the ability and audacity to think big often carve a path of success for themselves.

5. One characteristic of Entrepreneurs is their ability to take calculated risks.

6. As an Entrepreneur, you always work with a great sense of urgency even when no one is pursuing you.

7. Being an Entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to run haphazardly and without systems.

8. To go far as an Entrepreneur, you need to lose your ego and ask for help and counsel from those that have gone ahead of you.

9. One of the quickest ways to live a life of mediocrity or utter failure is to think that you can carry out a major task all by yourself. Entrepreneurship is a partnership with people.

10. As an Entrepreneur, you need to be able to set priorities to accommodate your business vision.

11. Simple tips that can help you take your business to new heights:

  • Do important tasks first thing in the morning when you get up.
  • Change your environment to where you can boost your productivity.
  • Have time to be alone and think.
  • Take time to relax.

12. Before starting a business, do the following:

  • Examine the competitive landscape to see what your competitors are already doing.
  • Discuss your idea with potential customers.
  • Develop a prototype for your product.

13. As an Entrepreneur, be open to criticism and disagreement against your business. That way, you either silence your critics by doing extra work or you take what they have said and improve on your business.

14. As an Entrepreneur, you need to surround yourself with honest people who tell you the good, bad and ugly.

15. Great Entrepreneurs are early adopters of technology and they leverage on it to improve their business processes.

16. To succeed in life, you need 2 things, Ignorance and Confidence. Mark Twain

17. Running a successful business does not mean that you are selling a product or delivering a service, but rather, that you are constantly meeting customers needs through what you offer.

18. Focus means saying NO to the other 100 good things you could have done and saying YES to the 1 best thing you should be doing at the moment.

19. As an Entrepreneur, you need the inspiration to keep remaining relevant in business. To constantly keep getting inspiration, you need to break away from the norm that you are used to.

20. Failure is inevitable for you as an Entrepreneur. But when it comes, fail forward and pick yourself up from the fall.

21. Overcoming anxiety is the first step to ascending to greatness.

22. The best form of Networking to do is to offer a service to someone you are trying to connect with.

23. Entrepreneurship is turning passion into profit.

24. The goal of Entrepreneurship should be to align motivation with business objective.

25. Some Obstacles in business:

  • Not thinking big to outgrow the current environment.
  •  Lack of motivation to pursue big ideas.
  •  Lack of confidence to think big.
  • Inability to think,  influence and to eventually execute in a big way.

This book review feels like a mini MBA lecture to me..(winks). To get a copy of this book, check out any book store around you. Or send me a mail – to help you get a copy.


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