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The wave of emerging Entrepreneurs has recorded significant increase over the last decade; with statistics showing over 90% new entrepreneur’s emerging yearly.

Using my home country Nigeria as an example, the increase has been so significant with Entrepreneurs veering into Tech space, Fashion, Beauty, Online marketing, Food, Event coordination, Entertainment, Blogging to mention a few.

One particular thing is evident- more people are maximizing their potentials, brewing new ideas, making waves and earning money from things they were not formally taught in the four walls of school. I appreciate the fact that there are many startups addressing humans’ every increasing need, to think that someone can create a product to make IYAN (pounded yam) in just a stir.

As the advent of budding Entrepreneurs keep increasing, more people becoming self-made millionaires, I took a cue to learn and share on some of the attributes that make them successful in business.

  1. They are VISIONARY: It cannot be over flogged that what you see, you have the ability to possess. Every Entrepreneur must be able to see his business in its present  state and project into the future. The human EYES isnt meant for just seeing physical things alone; it is also for seeing VISIONS and projecting. As an Entrepreneur, you must be visionary, you must see what others aren’t seeing about your business, you must see the good side of life and better ways of running your business. A visionary person is able to conceive an idea, craft it into measureable packages (goals) and see to its fruition (everyone needs this).


  1. They are CONSISTENT with their brand: One of the greatest lesson I have learned running a small business is the power of consistency. Every visionary Entrepreneur will need this to remain in business. No doubt sometimes the chips are down, we obviously cannot have rainy days all year long, some days are hot like fire, other days, we chill out in the cold, but as an Entrepreneur, you need to remain in your business come rain come sun. It even goes beyond being open for operation or a posting your product/ service on social media, it is about offering quality product and service at all times. This is what it means to be CONSISTENT. Consistency helps you deliver on your promise as a business owner, because over time, you would have learned how to do things better with continuous practise.


  1. They exhibit great TENACITY: This is the big deal. It is so great to be visionary, build a consistent brand, but even greater to be TENACIOUS. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines tenacity as a mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or hardship. In addition, I like to borrow the words of one of my mentors (you might not find it in the dictionary), BOUNCE-BACK-ABILITY– the ability to bounce back to action like a rubber. As an Entrepreneur, you need to learn how to bounce back in business even when you encounter obstacles. Your business is yours and not anothers’, so you will do what it takes to see it blossom even when others are seeing or saying otherwise.


The list of what it takes to thrive as a successful Entrepreneur might seem enormous, the to-do’s and to-be’s, but having these 3 attributes will help serve as a good foundation for building any successful Enterprise. Running a successful business is not for the faint- hearted, so don’t chicken out because of  fear, stick with your business and watch it flourish.

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