3 great importance of building relationships with people

building relationships with people
building relationships with people

On building relationships with people, this is a true saying. ”To build your network, build your relationships’‘.

I know we must have heard the saying, ”show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. Well, I like to add to it, by saying, ”show me your friend and  I will tell you the direction in which your life is headed”.

I am still in the very youthful stage of life,  and one of the most beneficial things I am learning is the importance of building relationships with people.

Just a background story of myself

While I was much younger,  I used to be very cold, hostile and naturally unfriendly. In fact, I did think that living life on my lane, not hurting anyone, not interacting much will save me lots of trouble. I actually didn’t know how to make friends, even up till my university level. But deep down, the issue I was battling with was inferiority complex and low self-esteem, but I didn’t want to own up to it.

After graduating from the university, and experiencing real life situations, I realised I had to change that way of life. I came to realise that building relationships with people is the best way to live and survive in life. It could be for getting free rides to and fro work, or even getting a place to perch your head when you just start working.

And so it is an established fact that building relationships with people is most beneficial to living.

But come to think of it, why does it seem like some people know how to build relationships with people while others don’t?

Well from my personal experience, I realise that this so because of the variance in our personality type. Also, these people know the benefits they derive from building relationships with people. I like the later part, the benefits they derive from such a relationship.

Some time ago, I put up the post on the benefits of having great friends. The post was literally my personal story. I got good feedback from the post and today, I have decided to add some more benefits to the post.

Relationships connect you with great life opportunities

This is my very experience. There are lots of opportunities I have come into because friends told me about them.  Having great friends will always be a benefit to you.  As you move up higher in life, your friends will also be doing the same and so you stand a better chance of knowing and learning from some things that have helped them in their life journey.

Friends correct you when you are wrong

This is the principle of  Look See!!. You need to be able to see yourself through another person’s eyes. This is what building great relationships will do for you. These people in your circle will point your attention to areas in your life that you need to work on. I have enjoyed this benefit a great deal.

They cheer you up and help advance your course

See, this benefit of having great relationships has helped me a great deal. Over the last few months, I have organised programs and events, that I needed to publicize to people. My network base couldn’t have connected me with so many people at the same time. I needed others to help publicise the event and my friends did this for me.  Through their likes, comments, repost and shares on social media, many more people registered and participated in these events.

In Conclusion

Every day, life presents opportunities to help us live better. Many times, we usually think that we need some form of superheroes to get this done. What we need is often locked up in people around us. Get to know people better, get to connect with them, build great relationships and live your best life.



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