3 Lessons the Covid- 19 lockdown taught me

I have thought severally  if there is any lesson I learned from the Covid-19 lockdown experience, and I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 vital life lessons this experience has taught me.

Just a brief expose on what the experience  was like for me.

  • I had to work my 9-5 weekly job from home. I never thought it would be really hectic and full of online meetings
  • Cooking became my number 1 duty. My family had to be well catered for and so I had to cook!
  • I couldn’t go to a physical place of worship. I watched services online all through

Aside from my daily schedule, some really big things happened to me. From getting a coaching in  a very delicate area of my life to meeting new friends I had never met before.

Looking through, I have come to realise that there is sure another world to the one I have always lived. Considering the constraints placed on free movement in the county, and the adaptation to the use of technology to catch up with peeps.

Putting together, this experience made me understand the following lessons about life

Lesson 1- Doing things that are important

Certain things we do aren’t really of so much importance as we often want to think.  Sometimes we over burden ourselves doing things that arent really of great value to us because we have inculcated them into our schedule over time. But in true essence, we can do away with doing such things and no one would get hurt. Or better still, we can tweak the way we do things. For example, we were forced to hold very important meetings online and still got the same fantastic results as a physical  meeting would have had.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t meet physically, for hangouts, meetings and all, but some physical meetings we hold arent really that necessary.

Lesson 2: Pritotizing Activities

One of the most common complaint most people shared with me during the lockdown period is that they were overwhelmed with so much to do. From taking online courses, to attending webinars, or even catching up with their office work. This really seemed so overwhelming in the true sense as there is a tendency to think that the lockdown is some free period to do so many things.

What this period taught me is that, there is really no free period anywhere, there will always be something to do with your time and energy. And of course, these things will keep clamouring for your attention at the same time. But the best thing to do will be to set a schedule daily of the things you want to do, and arrange them in order of priority.

In addition to this , I learnt the power of Doing one thing, see what I wrote on it below:

We live in such a fast paced world, where everything is always in motion. Our attention is so divided to many things that calls for urgent attention. We sometimes have so much to do that we often feel so overwhelmed with work and dont know which to do or which to reschedule.


You didnt set out to Procrastinate at all, but you find yourself saying, I would do this later on, that would be fixed later. I would make that call some time in the evening, I will reply that mail when I am chanced.

Days turn into days, and these tasks are still pending and piling up.

So here is what the mind starts telling you,

You are Lazy and so disorganised. You dont know how to get things done.


I don’t think so. I think you just need to pick up doing ONE THING at a time.


You plan to achieve 5 things daily, but these 5 things don’t have the same priority.
So why not itemise these things in order of priority.

Pick each item on the list, and do ONE THING at a time.

Dont try to juggle between doing everything all at once, you are not a complex machine.

Identify that ONE THING you will do today that will make you feel really fulfilled and do it.

Lesson 3: Valuing Relationships

More than ever before, I have come to value and appreciate certain relationships in my life.  This lockdown period has taught me what family means to me, and the importance of having certain people in my life. It has made me realise that we are stronger living together in harmony, and fighting for a common goal.

During this period, I have learned to also leverage on the power of  social media to  building new relationships in my life.

In Conclusion,

I really look forward to getting back to work, seeing people I havent seen in a long while and re-opening operations for Yourbookshopper (My Book Business Venture). But then, I am glad to learn these lessons I shared above. They are staying with for life!

What has this Covid – 19 lockdown period taught you? Please share the lessons in the comment section below.




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  • Covid-19, one of the dreadful disease which is new to the world.

    This lockdown period has tremendously open my mind to so many things.

    1. Family is the best thing you could ever have.
    2. Lockdown has made me leverage on the power of the mind.
    3. Learning from others and to avoid procrastination. But that’s a new area I need to work on.
    4. This period has kept me on the lookout for new Ideas which I won’t do on an ordinary day.
    5. To be thankful to our creator.

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