3 Powerful Ways to Train Your Mind to Positivity

Have you been thinking of how to get out of old, stinking, self doubting mindset and behaviors? Do you radically want to start experiencing a new kind of life? Them this post is for you. I will like to share with you an experience I had with you. I hope you can learn a thing from it.

For some days, I have been feeling this severe cold, and running nose, giving me the greatest discomfort of the moment. I took some pills but still, it persisted. I then decided to get up from my seat this afternoon, away from the AC cold office room, into a warmer place. I stayed there for a while to receive warmth, and in no time I began to feel better. I am also speaking by faith that I am better, and sure I will.

But here is what I will learned from that simple act

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by things and events in our lives, that gives us discomfort simply because we keep focusing on them. We could have tried doing lots of things but the situation might not have changed. But here is what we can do- Step away from giving focus to that problem, take your mind off the pain, don’t give it such attention.

Instead, think of how better the situation can be by doing the following:

1. Do not spend time ruminating over the problem
2. Filter and segment what you want to think on per time
3. Occupy your mind with imaginations that brings Love, gives Joy and makes you believe in a better future



Always remember, you have the power to radically change the outcome of your life, no matter the discouraging words people, circumstances or event has told you. You have a life to live, and a great destiny to also fulfil. Pick up your life no matter where you may be and decide to change your narratives. But first, changing your life begins with what your mind can conceive.

By the way, I listened to  a short but very powerful video by a former senator of the United states of America, Dr Cindy Trimm. Click here to watch it.

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