3 ways to being accountable

Happy new month to you, and welcome to the Month of May.

Gradually, we are getting closer to the mid of the year 2020. And so this is a good time to talk about how far we are going with the goals we set for the year 2020.

Just to digress a little

The Covid-19 lockdown has been lifted off in most parts of Nigeria (where I currently live) and life is gradually returning back to normal. During the lockdown period, I had some people reach out to me, complaining of how unproductive they had become during the lockdown. Some felt they were just being lazy, others thought they needed some form of regimented lifestyle of living to achieving more daily.

I couldn’t agree less with any reason

But one thing I also came to realise after such conversations  was that, these people didn’t have a schedule with which they ran their lives. And hence, the lockdown period felt like some form of holiday for them.

One lesson I have learned from most great folks in my circle is that they live a very regimented life. Simply put, they have principles that govern how they live daily. Some of which are:

  • Daily schedules they keep up with
  • Things they are learning per time
  • Conversations they don’t involve in
  • Goals they set for their lives
  • Areas of growth they are focusing on
  • Mentors  they are accountable to

When I drilled  further to how these set of people achieve so much with their time, I discovered that they develop structures that help them grow. And one of which is being accountable for their growth.

These people know that it isn’t just  enough  to set goals or to aim at a target without being accountable, else the likelihood of failing will be inevitable. So they set structures that hold them accountable.


Below, I will share briefly on 3 ways we can live an accountable life

By setting and writing down your goals

The practise of setting out what you intend to achieve per time is a good one. This helps you to have a focus of what you want to do per time. It is not just enough to have ideas floating in your mind, but you should also be able to journal them down and set out a time frame for achieving what you want. A very simple practise to this is, at the beginning of every month, write out a particular goal you want to achieve in each area of your life. This could be:

  • Spiritual Goal- Reading a Book of the Bible
  • Career  Goal- Taking a Training
  • Financial Goal- Earning/Saving an amount of money
  • Relationship Goal- Getting a new friend or Strengthening a particular relationship
  • Self Development Goal- Reading a Book, Waking up at a certain time daily etc

Submitting your Goals to a Mentor/ Friend

I have come to realise that we all need enough love, support and encouragement to actualizing our ideas. A lot of times why people don’t get to do what they intend to do, is because they are the only ones that know about them. And when they fail to achieve such, no one will also know about it. But a better approach  will be to tell someone (a trusted person that is genuinely interested in your growth) of the things you are aiming to achieve  per time and allow them hold you accountable.


Reviewing your Goals

It is not just enough to set and crash goals. You must also be able to review them. This practise will help you see areas you are doing very well and those you need to work at.  Reviewing your goals helps you to be accountable to yourself. It is about you doing a self evaluation of your life journey.


In Conclusion

Being accountable is one of the greatest principles to help us climb the ladder of greatness. There is so much you and I achieve in life if only we held ourselves accountable to our goals and also allowed people hold us accountable to grow. And moreso, life was never designed to be lived alone.  We all need each other to climb the ladder of greatness. 




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