3 ways to fuel your creative energy

This post, I am talking about 3 ways to fuel your creative energy. And you know what, I won’t be talking about things so far-fetched that you don’t know about. As I write all my blog posts, I always share very simple tips that you can immediately use to move your life in a forward direction.

I know you will agree with me that blogging consistently is a lot of work and it is not for the Lazy (lol). Last year, I organised a Writers’ Master Class to help people write consistently, and I shared a lot of useful stuff to help people do this. You can contact me here, to get a copy of my presentation notes.

Without digressing much

I am creative,  and  I love to express my thoughts through writing. One of the ways I do this is to blog. If you are a creative like I am that churns out ideas consistently, you will realise that we need to constantly fuel our creative energy. This works differently for everyone. Personally, there are some things I have observed over time that works for me, and I have shared some of them below:

Daily Interactions with People

This is by far, one of the best ways I get inspired to write. When I talk to people, I get inspiration. This keeps me charged up to know what to write. I have come to realise that when I isolate myself away from people, I am not opening up myself to opportunities to learn, and so I consciously go out of my way to talk and interact with people. It could be having a very casual discussion, but trust me, most of those discussions spark up very bright ideas to write.

Moving my body

I was a bit reluctant to write this one. But then it works so well for me. One of the best ways I get inspired to write consistently is when I am in motion and not in a static place, It could be while taking a walk, when on a journey, or even when I am in Balogun market buying things. Hey, it doesn’t have to be such a difficult thing to do.  Sometimes, all you need do is to get up and stretch your body. Trust me, it works!!

Keeping a routine

Let me tell you a story of what happened to me this past weekend. I realised that I wasn’t writing so much as I wanted to. It felt like I didn’t know what to write. But during the past weekend, I decided to set up a weekly goal for myself, to write at least 2 blog post in the coming week. And without even thinking so much about it, my mind started getting inspiration to write. So what I needed to do was to challenge my brain to get inspired… Well, much like taking charge of my mind and telling it what to do, and this really fuelled my creative energy to write.

Wrapping up,

Energizing your creative self will help you in many ways to keep churning out bright ideas to the world. Regardless of how busy your daily schedule is, please never lose your creative self. You have so much you can offer to the world through your creativity. Don’t let unnecessary busyness quench your creative fire!!!

Keep fanning it to flames…..









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