3 ways to learn and become better

If we want to go far, we must be humble enough to learn. Learning, they say, is always a lifelong process, and we should get engaged in this process from time to time. However, learning isn’t always going to be fun all the time. The learning system of life takes a form of un-learning before it impacts in us some form of knowledge.

Interestingly, learning is also synonymous with an approach to how it is done, basically, the attitude we give to doing this. Whenever we get engaged in some learning experience, the idea could be to get new knowledge, acquire  a skill or even get trained on something. This Reminds me of the Igbo Apprenticeship System (IAS)  predominantly practiced in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

The  system involves a Trainee working with his Master (Oga)  for a period of time, to learn the art of buying and selling in a particular trade. After which the master establishes him in the same line of business. This system has produced a lot of successful traders in Nigeria. A deep dive into this system reveals that the trainee doesn’t just learn the sales act and heart, but alongside gets trained in behavioral and lifelong skills.

In a way, the learning system is also practiced in the workplace, classroom, family and even day to day life but might take a different form. As it is often said, there is always a teacher to teach, when there is a classroom to learn.

Learning comes with certain kinds of approaches and practices for us to get the best out of it. Below are some of them:

Keeping an Open Mind to learning

With an open and non-judgmental mind, it is often easier to acquire knowledge. No one knows it all, nor can we have it all. When there is an opportunity to learn, it is better to be open minded, and not just act like we know it all. There is always something new to learn from another if we are truly open to it.

Be Curious to Knowing

Curiosity doesn’t kill. Sometimes, asking the right question, to the right people, opens up an opportunity for us to learn. As it is often said, one who asks for direction, will most likely not miss his way. Being curious makes people open up to teaching us what they know.

Be Patient

Active learning is a long life process. To learn, the mind should be able to stay patient to know. There are a lot of things/ opportunities to learn if we are willing to pay the price for doing so. And when we get engaged in a learning process, let us not beat ourselves up when it seems we aren’t making progress yet. Give yourself and your learning process time.

In Conclusion

Learning can only be done when we truly open up ourselves to this process. If you are new to a learning experience give yourself some time to grow in this practice. You can start by reading  some pages of a book daily, signing up and reading  a blog post daily, checking out YouTube to learn something new, or even registering for a self paced online course.

Always remember, your self development is your sole responsibility, and learning is a way to set out on this journey.

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