3 ways to manage your emotions when you fail

I am not a bad Loser, Serena Willimans said in one of her interviews that I watched. I replay that same phrase over and over again to myself because I find myself on this same table. I don’t like to fail, and hence I love to take the extra precaution to guide against such. The more extra precaution I take, the more I find myself in silly situations that try to mess me up.

Some people call it having a perfectionist nature

Well, I don’t think this is far from the truth. Do you know that sometimes what we call being a perfectionist  could actually mean we are self sabotaging ourselves from enjoying the full thrills and turns of life?

Life has different packages

On some days, you lose, on other days you win. But one thing is certain, you are afforded the opportunity to learn from every situation.

So now I think I know better

To not just view failure as a weakness or something that cannot happen to me, but to embrace it as part of the learning process of life.

Asides even embracing this truth, how do we manage our emotions to feel right when we fail?

Our emotions, are very fickle but have a lot to play on our lives’ Journey. And until we are able to manage these emotions rightly, we just might find ourselves being cheated a lot in life.

Now this is what I mean

When you experience failure, your mind automatically  signals to you that there is something wrong with you and it is all your fault.

Emotions kick in and tells you

You aren’t so good enough, else how could you have failed at such a simple task…


It is very easy to feel down and discouraged about failure, but never should this be what defines who you are. That you failed doesn’t make you a failure. So therefore, your emotions should not be what defines you per time.

3 simple ways to deal with your emotions when you fail

  1. Acknowledge that failure happened . Don’t live in denial
  2. Choose to be positive about the situation
  3. Bounce out of negative emotions and keep moving

In Conclusion

Failure happens to all even the strongest of us. Do not allow your emotions make you feel like you are the only one going through such tough time. Choose instead to rise and live above such emotions.

Choose to stay on the brighter side of life.



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