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3 ways to maximize your focal energy

One thing is needful. Have you heard this phrase before? I will tell you a short story from the Holy Bible, where it came from.

One day, Jesus Christ went visiting Mary and Martha, and interestingly, Martha got so busy trying to attend to the needs of her guest, that she eventually forgot the essence of the visit. It took Jesus telling her- One thing is needful to remind her of why he visited.

Isn’t that how, sometimes, we get our hands busy into so many activities, and somehow lose track of what really matters to us? The honest truth is that many things will keep staring us in the face, clamoring for our attention, and demanding we give them equal attention. But, to become a more productive person, you need to focus on doing one important thing  per time.

A lot of times, it seems difficult to sift through our everyday demands to pick out and just focus on one thing per time, but here is a way to identify what you can focus on doing.

Ways to identify what do do

  1. Ask yourself, what’s that one thing that if you achieved will give me maximum joy and satisfaction? Think about that thing you have dreamed of for so long, and have desired of having.
  2. What’s that goal that looks very big and seems beyond your abilities– Achieving this thing will require you stretching yourself, developing a new skill set and abilities. This will require you growing in the process also.
  3. What do you earnestly see in others and desire to also have strongly: This could be an indication that you are actually cut out to also get this, if you looked inwardly, gave it attention and channeled your energy towards it.

If there is something big you have been desiring to achieve for a while now, a goal, an achievement, and it has just has been seeming like something unreachable to attain, I think you may consider doing the following:

  • Write down that desire down as a goal
  • Set a realistic, specific timeline of when you want to achieve this goal
  • Set out a strategy of how you want to achieve that goal within this time frame
  • Adjust your normal routine to enable you have time to focus on achieving that goal
  • Put in the required work, and do not give up whatsoever

In Conclusion

Sometimes, life demands that you take a pause from your many multi-faceted abilities, and just focus on ONE big thing you need to achieve per time. It will take a lot of sacrifice, hard work and labor, but trust me, eventually when you achieve that goal, you will feel very fulfilled.

You can tell me in the comment section, what’s that ONE BIG thing you want to achieve before the year runs out? Mind to share? You can reply to this mail or chat with me directly here to tell me.


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