30th April, so many things to be grateful for?

Happy Friday to you.

It’s the last day of the month of April 2021.

Today, as I sit back to think of how the month of April went, I am choosing to be grateful for each day of the month. No doubt, a lot happens to us everyday, that we just might not be very conscious of. The new insights we got, victories we recorded, the new strides we launched out, new relationships, and more that we experience.

Sometimes, it is very easy for one to just sit back and think that there is nothing to be grateful for, no seeming reason to rejoice, but being alive alone is enough reason to be grateful.

Can you imagine,

  • The amount of oxygen you inhaled for free this month
  • The sound health you experienced
  • The Peace of mind you enjoyed

These are things money cannot buy. And whilst we still hope and wish for so much more, let’s take a minute to be grateful for the things we have.

In Conclusion

As we go into the new month, I encourage you to choose to be positive always. Regardless of what life may throw at you, choose to see the brighter side always. This will help you appreciate your life’s journey better. and be grateful for each step you take.

Have a  fruitful and rewarding month of May ahead.





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Joyce Olawunmi

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