4 Ways to Generate Results from Knowledge

You sure must have heard of this quote, Knowledge is power, I have a second thought  on this.

I believe the above quote is partly correct because we have seen over and over again that mere knowledge  doesn’t get the job done.

Going down memory lane,

I remember university days when we had to take some courses we didn’t like, many of us  just read to pass such exams because we had no choice. We got the knowledge, crammed all we could  and poured it down in the exam Hall, la cram, la pour  they called it. But trust me, we know better now.

Times have changed 

We live in the times where we now go all out to acquire knowledge  even in fields we had no prior experience in. No doubt, we are in the knowledge era, where we can easily acess any kind of information at the tip of our fingers. The internet has done us so much good, making Google our next door buddy to search for anything we want so easily.

So also in this Covid – 19 era, the drive and crave for distilling knowledge is ever on the increase, with various webinars, online courses and even closed group training sessions for imparting knowledge on various topics.

But having received knowledge, what should we do with it?

I believe that we are in such a dynamic time when we need to produce results by converting these knowledge into workable solutions for solving real life problems. It is not just enough to gather knowledge without taking corresponding action from it.

So here is what you can do with the knowledge you have acquired:

1. Sit down and refresh upon the knowledge you have gathered this period.

2. Write out at least one thing you want to do, project you will work on based on these knowledge you have received.

3. Set out strategies to do something with what you have learned.

4. Start from where you are and keep improving on what you know.

In Conclusion,

The true proof that shows you have knowledge is revealed by what you do with what you know. The world is seeking answers to real life problems, and it is only by applying knowledge practically  that we can begin to answer these questions.

Choose today, to not just be a mere knowledge seeker, but one who creates solutions from knowledge, because it is only applied knowledge  that gives true power.


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Joyce Olawunmi


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