5 Attributes Of Top Flyers In The Workplace

My favorite book this season is ‘’ What it takes’’ written by Amy Henry, forwarded by Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America. I had great expectations reading the book, seeing that the writer was a former contestant and also last woman standing on NBC’s hit reality show – The Apprentice.

The book covered key aspects of the workplace, balancing it with Family and Employees’ social well-being. For me, the book was all I needed to set me out in a new career path. I read the book like a Bible, followed its letter to the minutest details, and I got my dream job applying what I learned from the book.

I am sharing in this post 5 key Attributes I learned about Top Flyers in the Workplace from the book and here it goes:

1. They are Intelligent: It’s no longer news that intelligence in the workplace isn’t the same thing as having a good grade from the University, it’s about how much of value your words and actions communicate. Top Flyers in the workplace are those who communicate their thoughts and ideas in the most captivating way. Simply put, they make sense. To be a Top Flyer in the workplace, mind your words and how you communicate them. Portray intelligence in all you say and do, even when you tell a joke, let it be intelligently said that it will keep everyone in awe of you.

2. They are Knowledgeable: This attribute is so attractive. Know something about everything. Know beyond your scope of work, know things, know people, and be aware. This wont be done overnight, it will take good time. But in the meantime, ensure you are reading books that add knowledge to you, read great and inspiring biographies, know the new trend in your field, learn about your work space don’t just follow celebrity gist, know other things too.

3. They are Intuitive: This is a great attribute possessed by Top Flyers in the workplace. Do you often shy away from responsibilities at work, do you often wait to be told everything, do you strictly follow your job description without thinking outside the box, and then you just might be sending a passive message about your capabilities. Employers are often looking for Employees to take their vision and expand it. Your job description alone won’t get the job done, you need to be extra smart and creative too.

4. They are Effective Communicators: Effective Communication is in 2 forms-
Speaking skills: Be able to communicate across all level, one on one, in a group, or speaking to an audience. This is further elaborated in John C Maxwells’ book, Everyone communicates, few connect. When you speak, do you speak to pass a message across or do you just speak into thin air? How well do you communicate your thoughts and ideas? Are you often shy to speak your idea? Then you might be sending the wrong message to your colleagues and boss at work.
Listening skills: Top Flyers in the workplace have good listening ear. They know when to speak and when to keep quiet to listen. The workplace requires good listening ear to hear even the unsaid words and know how to translate them to action. As great as it is to speak well at the workplace, much more important is having a good listening ear.

5. They are relational: Top Flyers in the workplace know how essential. They have high level of emotional intelligence, and are able to relate with all and sundry even if they don’t agree with most of their views. Learning from this, do not come out straight as being unfriendly at any point, be a go-to colleague because you are not only concerned about getting work done, but you care about others’ well-being genuinely.

The above list are some of the things Top Flyers in the workplace know and leverage on. As clearly seen, these things are not magic and can be cultivated by anyone willing to become better. Take each point a step at a time and you will be amazed at how much your performance at work will improve over time.

PS: This video below is an excerpt from the book what it takes: Speak up, Step up, and Move up.


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