5 Benefits Of Having Great Friends

You know the saying, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. I think that should be rephrased to – show me your friend and I will tell you the direction in which your life is headed.

For years, I found myself always saying, I don’t have friends, I am not as chatty as others, I am so introverted, connecting with people isn’t my thing. That thinking made me belief that I was wired in a certain way  from heaven and it couldn’t be changed, but then, I was so wrong. One of the things that made me change this belief was what I learned from 5 attributes Of Top Flyers in The Workplace, their ability to relate conveniently well with others. It demystified the thought that certain traits cannot be fine-tuned.

Having gone past that mind-set and being open to Friendship, I have enjoyed so much benefits and I will be sharing some of them below:

  1. Great Friends set you straight in the direction of destiny: Great friends who know where your life is headed help set you straight on your journey. The truth is, we cannot be all-powerful and all-knowing at all times, we need people on our journey through life.
  2. Dream amplifiers: Great friends believe in you and your dream. They reinforce the dream you have on your inside, amplify it and make you believe in it some more. Furthermore, great friends serve as your first Cheerleaders, Critiques, Coach and even Clients.
  3. Great Friends help sharpen your skills and encourage you to become better: Great friendship breeds a good ground for healthy competition, not rivalry. As your friends advance in their field, they also pull you up to do same. They teach and show you how to do things better in your field of interest.
  4. Great Friends serve as your Confidant: As you grow, many thoughts run through your mind daily, sometimes confusing and burdening thoughts. A great friend will lend a listening ear for you to share your burden.
  5. Great Friends tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear: Have you ever made a big mistake in life? Regretted your actions? Would you have loved that someone cautioned you earlier? These are things that great friends will do for you. Sometimes, we get so clouded with our desires and actions that we do not get to see the pitfall ahead, great friends can serve as that extra eye to help us see through. In addition, there might be some character flaws we aren’t aware of, great friends can easily point our attention to them so we make the necessary adjustments.

In conclusion, I like to say this: Great friendship is gift from God and a lot of effort from man. Start by first showing yourself friendly as the Holy book advises, be prepared to add value to others, love and care genuinely and then, enjoy all the benefits Great Friendship offers.

PS: I would like to hear from you in the comment section the several benefits you have also  enjoyed having great friends over the years.


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