5 things to do when you feel overwhelmed with work

Have you observed that these days it is very easy to feel overwhelmed because there is always so much to do daily from catering for a family, striving at work, building a brand, running a business, or even keeping tabs with your relationships. All of a sudden, 24 hours feels very insufficient to do all you want to do. And then, you begin to feel overwhelmed.  The feeling is real, I tell you.

But how do some people get to utilize this same 24 hours without  feeling overwhelmed?

I have learned certain things reading and observing the lives of very successful people and  how they are able to achieve so much with their time.  I have discovered that they perform  certain habits that helps them Plan, Schedule and Prioritize their tasks and hence they don’t get overwhelmed with work.

Learning from them, I have coined out 5 things that can be of help

  1. List out the things you plan to achieve in  a day by writing them out in a Journal or on a Phone note pad
  2. Apportion time frame to doing these things. For example, how many hours in a day do you want to spend reading  a book, Taking an online course etc
  3. Prioritize your daily tasks and start doing them
  4. Do not waste your time on unnecessary activities or on things you can delegate to someone else
  5. Have a good rest daily

I can tell you that by practising these 5 simple things will help you do so much daily without you feeling overwhelmed. It has worked for so many successful people, and it can also work for you too.

To learn more on what to do when you feel overwhelmed, please read this post 3 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed .

Also you can read this book-  Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Check out Yourbookshopper online Bookshop for its availability.

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