5 Ways to Generate Results from Your Creative Idea

Recently, I was having a conversation with myself and I came to the conclusion that we grow by taking action on ideas.  I came to this conclusion by taking a cue from the lives of great people  in my circle, thriving in various field of endeavour. Gosh, they are doing amazing stuff!

Still speaking of having ideas, one very vital truth is that we all are created with some special abilities, and this means we all have something to offer the world. But having knowledge about this truth is not just enough, but utilizing our ideas to generate things is what will bring value.

So many times I have realised that a lot of people know how talented they are and even how great their destiny is but they struggle with KNOWING what to do because they think they don’t have IDEAS.

Talking about having creative ideas,

I strongly believe that having creative  ideas  isn’t something that comes to only a select few but to everyone. The seemingly differentiating factor why some excel so much with their ideas and others dont even know what to do, is because the latter don’t know how to capture and work on their ideas.

Traust me YOUR IDEAS ARE POWERFUL, but you must be able to capture them, have enough self belief  before such ideas can come to fruition.

As an individual, the first step to fulfilling your destiny is to be able to capture the ideas you have per time and take action on them.


These steps will help you to be able to capture your ideas and create things

1. Allow your creative mind flourish by consciously engaging your mind regularly

2. Always write down ideas that come to you even if it doesn’t seem to make so much sense to you yet

3. Don’t discard ideas that come to you, they are useful resources

4. After capturing the ideas, sit down, ruminate over them and craft out actions steps to executing them

5. Set a definite time frame to do something on that idea

In Conclusion,

Ideas aren’t static, they are dynamic and need to grow. Feed your ideas with the right resources to grow by taking action on them.

Remember, there is always a time period for every idea to be actualised after which if nothing is done on it might die a natural death.

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