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7 Lessons from the Book- Praying to Get Results by Kenneth Hagin

The Second book I read in the Month of April 2020, is Praying to Get Results by Kenneth Hagin. The first book I read was, So Good They Cannot Ignore You by Cal Newport. You can read the Career Lessons I learned from the Book here.

Praying to get results was a short ebook of 31 pages. It has 5 Chapters:

  •  Chapter 1: Follow the Rules to Get Result
  •  Chapter 2: Exchange Petitions for Praise
  •  Chapter 3: You Don’t Have to Worry
  •  Chapter 4: United Prayer Gets Result
  •  Chapter 5: Paul at Prayer

I learned a lot reading the book and I will share a few of them below.

Things I learned from the Book – Praying to Get Results by Kenneth Hagin

  1. When you pass a Faith Test, it is so that you will be equipped for another level of Faith Test that is coming your way.
  2.  Faith is a process for maturing us as Believers.
  3. At a point when we give our lives to Christ, we might be living on the Faith of our Spiritual Leaders. But a time comes when we must grow and live by our own Faith.
  4. Our natural inclinations are always against the Faith Process. Faith is different from emotions.
  5. The Prayer of Faith works in this wise: When you pray, believe that you have received the answers and you shall have the answers to your prayers. Mark 11: 23- 24. 
  6. The first resort for a believer when he encounters a challenge should be Prayers. Ist Timothy 2 : 1- 2.
  7. The true test that shows you have really prayed is that you quit worrying about the matter.

The most striking thing I got from the book – Praying to Get Results by Kenneth Hagin is that when you pray to God, you are casting your worries on him. It is funny that sometimes, we pray to God and still go about worrying about the issue. Once you have prayed about an issue, believe that you have received the answer, and never try to worry about the issue again!


I hope this post has encouraged you to keep praying the right way to get results.
I know we all are on a Faith Journey trusting God for one thing or the other. Even if you havent seen the answer yet physically, never doubt that God has answered your prayers. Keep your Faith alive, and very soon you will share your testimony. Please click this link to read an encouraging message.

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