7 simple ways to avoid distractions

What could be big enough to make you shift focus from what you aim to achieve? What could make you feel like the path you are journeying is not worth the stress? Any of those things can be called DISTRACTIONS!!! 

Distraction is so real and  comes  in  very subtle ways. It could be just by seeing a post on IG,  how someone transitioned from being a Career Professional to an Entrepreneur. Distraction is what makes you feel like doing what everyone else is doing because it seems like the in thing to do.  But everyone, and everything has a season…. 

Hey Friend,

I know we live in a very fast paced world and there is always a need to up skill, gain more knowledge to remain relevant.But instead of always wanting to attend the next training you hear of, learn that skill you hear of, why not first sit down, make a calculated decision of what you really want to do, and how it will affect your life positively?

These things can help you make informed decisions:

  • Have a clearly defined Focus/ Goal of what you want to achieve per time
  • Set definite timelines for the activities that would help you achieve those Goals
  • Engage in such activities consistently, on the days you feel like, and on the days you don’t feel like
  • Face your journey, focus on your lane
  • Review your progress and appreciate the progress you make from time to time
  • Learn your lessons as you go
  • Never stop moving

Thanks for reading this post.
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