8 ways to live strategically

In this new month, live strategically!

Happy new month and welcome to the Month of June 2020, the 6th Month of the year. I am so excited writing this post today.

As I sat down to brain storm and wrote my goals for the new month, something became very clear to me. The month is going to be a very busy one, filled with things to do. But just before I start feeling overwhelmed about this, I am learning to live strategically to help me achieve my goals. Before I even go further,

Let me explain what it means to live strategically?

To live strategically means that you have a focus for your life and you are very deliberate about the things you do to help you achieve your goals. Living strategically also means that you know what to do, when to do it and how to go about what you want to do.

If there is one principle I have learned from great people around me, it is the fact that they live strategically. They do not allow life happen to them by chance, but rather they dictate the outcomes of their life consciously.

When you choose to live strategically, it doesnt mean that there won’t  be turmoils and obstacles on your way. But rather, it means that you have put structures in place that will help you overcome such challenges.

There are certain factors that helps one live strategically:

  1. Making a personal decision and commitment to doing so
  2. Planning and setting out clear cut goals per time
  3. Putting structures in place to help you achieve such goals

But can everyone live strategically?


I believe that everyone can live a strategic life if they choose to do so. The truth is that, no one was born into this word with more super abilities than the other. The only difference between each of us is the deliberate input we inject into our individual growth and life journey.

Often times, people lose sight of their own life journey and focus on other’s  instead of facing their own by paying the required price to grow.

This ought not to be so!!

Living strategically is tough work!

I won’t  even try to deny that it takes so much energy and commitment. Everyone wants to live the good life, but it is the person that pays the required  price that will eventually do so.

In this new month, choose to live life strategically by taking very simple deliberate and conscious steps.

Start with these:

  • Wake up a bit earlier than you used to before
  • Have a focus for something definite you want to achieve
  • Manage your time wisely. Don’t waste a second of the day!
  • Be deliberate about the relationships in your life
  • Learn something new, do something a bit differently
  • Appraise yourself and the progress you are making as often as you can
  • Eat Healthy
  • Take a good rest

In Conclusion

As you begin to live strategically, do not feel bad when you are not able to achieve your set target. Appreciate yourself and celebrate the progress you are making.

If you will like to speak with me privately to learn more on how to practise living strategically, please send me a mail : I would be glad to be of help.

Cheers to a fulfilling month of June.



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