A Father’s Love: Welcome Home

Both sons got their share of the Father’s wealth. Not long after, he took off, far away from home to spend it all. He spent all he got when there was abundance and came to penury in famine.

From doing menial jobs, to eating food meant for pigs, he fell from grace to grass, each day was lived for survival. Good enough, he came to his senses, and said, I will return to my father, who is rich in abundance, and even if I don’t clinch the seat of a son, being his hired servant will be worth the return.

Off his heels he went, this time as a prodigal son. His pompous nature had changed, life had humbled him, and all he needed was the mercy of his loving father. From afar away, his father saw him, ran to him, wrapped his arms around him, and gave him a kiss.

I have sinned and don’t deserve this, he thought and said.


His father didn’t think so..

All he knew was his loving Son was back home. All he cared about was that his son came back home alive. He threw a party and made merry on his return.

Here is the prodigal son, received and loved endlessly by his father.

Yes he sinned

Yes he did wrong

Yes he wasted resources

But then, he repented and came back home.

This tells us the nature of our loving father God, who is rich and abundant in mercy. His arms are always willing and ready to receive us back to himself no matter how far we may have gone or messed up.


God just wants us to come back to him, come back in repentance and he will receive us.

Son, daughter, come back home.


Culled from Mathew 15:11- 31

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