The story of Ruth in the Holy Bible is one that teaches us so many life lessons. The story revolves around a young woman, who lost her husband, and was faced with the reality of sobbing in sadness or forging ahead with a new life. The story also tells of Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law who clearly told Naomi to depart from her, as she hadn’t anything more to offer her.


What did Ruth know that made her insist on following Naomi?

Inferring from the story, we can make an assumption that Naomi knew that going back to her family, kindred and people would mean going back to her past life. Going back to the people and things she was used to as an unmarried lady, Oh, she would see old friends, pity parties that would keep reminding her of her loss, and also those who out of envy would mock her. She’s back a widow, they would say!

Somehow, Ruth chose to get a new life, in a new land, with new people even when she didn’t know how much the new had in store for her. All she knew was, that she was going to move on with her life.
So good, so good, Ruth gets to work in farmland belonging to the Rich and influential Boaz. Somehow, her hard work gets noticed by her employer, and somehow, she ends up being Boaz’s wife, who is traced back to be a relative of NAOMI, her mother-in-inlaw!.

Well, sure can say that Ruth received favour from God. And mirroring more into her actions, we also can say that Ruth made a critical decision at a very defining time of her life, even when she was in deep pain, still mourning her loss.


What does Ruth’s story teach us?

Oftentimes, when we need to make decisions to leave the past and forge into the new, it would be in seasons where we might still be nursing pain, seasons where we really don’t have clarity of what the future holds. In times like these, our emotions would want to cave in and make us feel like losing hope, giving up and just returning to the past that we had left behind.

But my dear friend, it is until we let go of the past that we would be able to experience the new.

Would letting go come easy? NO
Would our emotions betray us? YES, several times
Would there be times when we don’t have the strength to move as fast as we would love to? YES

In Conclusion

But in all, in our weakness, God’s spirit is there to comfort and strengthen us, and help us make the right decisions as we decide and embrace the path, journeying into the new that God has for us.

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