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A Word of Comfort in Trying Times

Hello Friends, I bring you a word of comfort in trying times. If you live in a country  like Nigeria  where I currently am, you would have heard of the numerous injustice and killings on peaceful protesters demanding for their right, a just cause they have been cheated on for so long.

In the midst of all of this uproar and tension, sincerely it is really a tough time to live in. But one good news of comfort I have come to tell you is, everything will be fine in the end.

I know this season sends out lots of uncertainties and distrust in people  and systems, and you just might wonder, what will I wake up to seeing the next day. But I encourage you not to loose heart and faith in knowing that everything  will be fine in the end.

There might be a lot going on around and within you right now, and it may seem like this is all life has to offer you, but do not settle for that wrong negative voice speaking hopelessness to you.

Please believe these:

  • You won’t  loose your life
  • You won’t  loose your job
  • Your family members will be preserved
  • Your needs will be met timely
  • God will send help to you in the midst of darkness

More than ever before, this is a season when you need to be whole. You need to also guard what comes into your heart and goes out through your mouth. Allow your heart to remain in a peaceful state regardless of the turmoil and mishap that may be happening around you.

I suggest you do the following:

1. Pray to God like never before.  Speak to him about every  kind of situation troubling your heart. Pray to him  in anyway you can, he hears and will answer  you

2. Join a community of people that can encourage you. This can be an online group, a chirstain gathering or a group of people that can motivate you. Do not walk through  this season of your life  alone

3. Stay close to your relationships. By this I mean friends, colleagues and anyone that you consider to genuinely care about you

4. Take time to eat and rest well.  The sanity  of your body and mind will greatly help you navigate  through tough seasons of life

5. Keep trusting and believing that everything will be fine in the end

In Conclusion

Whatever tough situation  you are going through  right now won’t  end this way.  Please keep trusting and believing  God that everything will be fine in the end because it surely  will.


Would you like to speak  with me personally to discuss the things bothering your heart? Please send me a reply to this mail. I would be glad to speak with you.

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