Adulthood- A Poem Written by Ayobambo Jegede

You came by so quickly
In the blink of an eye
You caught me unaware
And just when I thought I was preparing, you met me
You came with love, laughter and beauty
But also with pain, tough decisions and hurdles to climb

When I was young, all I asked myself was “when will I become an Adult?”
I saw strength in being independent
I saw beauty in being free
But all I didn’t see were the battles I had to win daily
The many responsibilities that I must handle
The tough decisions that would beckon on me
And the generations I must not fail

This Adulthood
Though you came in within a blink
You will not overthrow me
I will learn while at it like a newbie learning on the job
Though the hurdles seem hard to climb
I will conquer knowing there are no difficulties for her whose mind is made up
Though the responsibilities stare hard in the face
I will rest knowing I am well equipped for this

Oh  Adulthood
Even when you come with battles seemingly too big to surmount
I know you are only preparing me for the great future ahead
And so my life journey becomes a story of faith
Of hope and trust through it all
For surely, I know
That my footprints will be left in the sands of time…


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Joyce Olawunmi

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