Are you part of the SMAN Club?

Photo Credit: Pexels
Photo Credit: Pexels

The year began with some very high notes for people, with new social media challenges, and people signing up to join new clubs. Interestingly, these past few days have got social media buzzing with people forming and joining a kind of club…. The Stingy Men Association club aka SMAN. For whatever reason they had, I am not even here to shake that table.

But wait o, do you know some people are unconsciously part of these stingy people’s association and they don’t know it?

Let me break it down here:

  • You see those people who never think their ideas are great enough to start a business

  • Those who sing in their bathrooms alone because they think their voices are too awkward to be heard by others

  • Those who never upskill to improve themselves and get certain jobs 

  • Those who have had a vision on how to change the world since 1900 and have done nothing about it


Haa, these are the real stingy ones. They rub the world of being blessed by their talents, giftings, and abilities. They hide under the canopy of –I DON’T  THINK I AM GOOD ENOUGH.

See, it takes just one step to get out of any form of the stingy zone, or self-limiting thoughts. Which is, the decision to leave the old and embrace new opportunities. Simply put, elevate your mindset. You are good enough, and that your idea can be the very solution to one of the world’s wicked problems.

It starts with you & I believing in ourselves and doing the hard work required.

You may be afraid to start, I know, but start regardless.  You can read this post on how to deal with fear and achieve your biggest dreams- Here.

In Conclusion,

This year, I am so ready to help you radically transform yourself, achieve your goals, and live a better lifeCome on, gist with me through this link, and let’s have a private discussion to get started.

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