Asking the right questions

You  must have heard of this phrase before.. He who asks questions is less likely to miss his way. I have come to realize the truth in this statement. But much more than asking questions just for asking sake, it is always better to ask questions to seek clarity.


A lot of times, when we grope about in darkness or confusion, it is simply because we just never ask the right people the right kind of questions and hence the importance of having  coaches, leaders, mentors, those who can look at us, evaluate our journey  and give us constructive advice.

The importance of having these kinds of people in our lives cannot be over emphasized.

So here are some ways to seek clarity,

  • If you want to know how to rise in your profession, ask your senior colleagues  what you need to do
  • If you need to know how to successfully run a business, ask those who have been in the game for a while
  • If you want to become more skilled at a trade, ask the masters of the trade trainings you need to take

Also, sometimes, the right answers you need to take steps might be in very casual conversations , articles or even books you read. Seeking clarity is then about being open to knowing.


In Conclusion,

As we journey through this life together, please know that no man is an island of knowledge, We all are here to help each other get better everyday. So collaborate, learn and let’s grow together.


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