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Be thankful for the year 2020

Be thankful for the year 2020. As the year 2020 is gradually coming to an end, there is a lot to reflect on how the year has been. From the outbreak of the global pandemic – Covid 19, to the loss of some of the world renowned stars, it sure has been an eventful year.

So I ask, How has year 2020 been for you?

Regardless of what you think the year has been for you, I think that what 2020 has taught all of us to do is to be grateful for each new day. The many opportunities, seemingly losses, relationships and best of all sound health we enjoyed.

Recently, I was taking a stroll through the events of the year and came to a realization that a lot has happened in between the year that I need to be grateful for. Whilst I would encourage that we do not just view this year as one to check in on how many goals we were able to achieve but a year where we should be thankful for being alive.

Here is what I mean

When your mind tries to flash back and think on the many things you set out to do in this year but couldn’t  achieve it, counter such thoughts with a heart full of gratitude. Think of the many times you needed help and God came through, the jobs/ connection you were privileged to come into, the sound health you enjoyed, your sanity of mind and much more.

This year is one that should be restrospectically done in thanksgiving. And again, when giving thanks, do not use the achievement of others as a yardstick to determine yours. What you have come through is quite different from what others have experienced. So be thankful for your journey

In Conclusion

Just before  the last day of this year, 2020, have a personal thanksgiving session with yourself. List out all the things you are grateful for, write these things out. You will  be amazed at how good the year has been for you.

Be Thankful

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