Becoming a Person of Value

Value is often associated with a thing of high class, price and resource. We keep our valuable possession in the safest of places because of the premium we place on such things. Everyone has a perception of what value means to them and hence the importance they place on such things/people. It could be because of the price they purchased such items or the resourcefulness of such things or people and hence the way they relate and interact with such things.

While the value of things can be easily purchased with money, the reverse is the case with people. The value people place on others is usually a perceived importance others have earned overtime through the consistency of their actions and excellence of work they produce.

Do you want to become a person of value? Try out these things:

  1. Carry out duties in the most excellent way: Excellence is about going over and beyond to do what is expected of you. To become a person of value, don’t just settle for anyhow kind of work. Infuse excellence in your work. When others are doing a mediocre job, go the extra mile to do a better job. If if is not excellent, don’t do it, if it is has been done less excellently, tweak it and make it excellent.
  2. Become resourceful and dependable through service: When people know that they can count on you, then they are more likely to place a high value on you. To become a person of value, make yourself available to serve. This could be through your skill, job, or even a volunteer opportunity.And beyond just making yourself available to work, be a person who others can count on.
  3. Speak the truth without guile: Being  a person who is consistent in words will place you as a person of value. When people know that you speak the truth, and are not cunning, they would likely place a high value on you. For example, when people know that they can always hear the truth from you, then they will most likely consider you a person of value.

In Conclusion

As you go out this week, choose to become a person of value through your works and words. Do not do a mediocre job, even if others are doing so. Let your work stand out, so that it will bring you before Kings who will value and reward your good works.

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Joyce Olawunmi


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  • Nobody does it better like Joyce, her words are not just motivating they are enlivening inspirational.
    Thanks for sharing ‘the power of value’

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