Boluwatife Ogundoro: Why Self – confidence is very important

As a secondary school student, I never understood the word “Self-confidence.” I was always shy, sad, and moody. I had few friends and wasn’t even friends with my church member, whose parents dropped me off at school everyday.

This secondary school experiences affected my Self-confidence and I’d rather believe what people said about me. Besides, I was condemned and insulted by my classmates for one reason or the other.

In Junior Secondary School (JSS), I had no friends. I felt no one wanted to associate with me. I became very gentle and hence always kept to myself. It seemed as if everyone wanted to only mock me.

Not believing in myself  cost me many losses

On approaching Senior Secondary School One (SS 1), I was glad that I would change my school but unfortunately, I had to remain in the same school. I then tried to make friends. But the downside was that, I had to do things to please others. I began to socialize with people who cared less about me, and also didn’t love me. All they were out to do was to detsroy my Self-confidence the more.

Looking back to those times,

I have now realised what was fundamentally wrong.  I didn’t know my Self-worth and hence depended on others to define who I was. Simply put  I lacked Self- confidence.

Let me define what Self-confidence means

Self-confidence is the will and ability to believe in oneself and to be self-assured.

This means that regardless of what others think/say, you have a positive opinion of yourself.

I urge you, to always put on the garment of Self- confidence in every area of your life. It will help you not only to stand out but also be able to face the rigors of life.

In addition  you also have to know who you are. Don’t allow people’s words to define you. Don’t move with those who hurt you  or those who all they do is to let you feel less of yourself. Runaway from such people. They are not meant for you.

Say positive things to yourself. Understand that not everyone will love you, so therefore be yourself. Don’t do things to please people. The way you carry yourself is the way you will be addressed. No one can hurt you without your permission. You might be facing many challenges now, but that is not the end. Believe in yourself. Say beautiful words to yourself.

Always Remember,

When you compare yourself with anyone, you hurt yourself unknowingly. So therefore, know that you are unique and appreciate that truth!

Believe in God. Don’t rely on anyone, but on God alone. When you rely on humans, they can disappoint you. Above all, believe in yourself.


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