Breaking the law of inertia

the law of inertia
the law of inertia

I am sitting here in a car dashing down for a meeting, and I am breaking the law of inertia by putting up this post in the car.

Do you know what the law of inertia is?

According to Newton’s first law of motion, which is the law of inertia; it states that a body will continue to remain in its current state of rest in a continuous motion except being acted upon by a force.

Relating the law of inertia to real life experience, it means that a person or thing will continually be the same, do the same things, and remain at the same spot except he/she makes a move. This law of inertia comes to play a lot in the lives of people, but they seldom really pay attention to it.

How does this work?

The Law of Inertia is that force required to produce a thing from an idea. It is the first limiting force that needs to be overcome before a thing can be achieved. It basically means a ”Starting Force”.   Many times, people have big dreams and ideas of what they want to achieve, but they never seem to overcome this law of inertia to get their vision rolling.

To break the law of inertia, these simple things will help:

Take Actions

I often advise people not to allow their ideas to die in their minds before taking action. A lot of times, what people do is they keep asking all the ”what if” questions of impossibilities and never set off to take action on their ideas. Whilst it is good to make plans before launching out on an idea, much more important is the execution of the idea.

Create Structures to Support Your Vision

Hey, I like this point so well. To continuously keep breaking the law of inertia, you need structures and system that will propel you to take actions on your set goals. This would mean daily habits, relationships or determined mindset to getting things done.

In Conclusion

Everyone at one point in life or the other has to make a decision to break the law of inertia to achieving their goals in life, and you will have to do so the same too.  So here is my advise, when next you have a goal you want to achieve, break the law of inertia by taking immediate actions on your goals.




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