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Do you know  Jack Ma? The foremost Billionaire from China and founder of one of the largest ecommerce brands in the world, Alibaba?  I will tell you some things about him in this mail.

Jack Ma had a track record of rejection and failure before he became a success:

  • He failed his Primary school, Middle school and College exams 
  • He got rejected by Harvard 10 times
  • He was the only one out of 24 applicants not to get a  Job at KFC after application
  • He was rejected for 30 jobs after graduation
  • He couldn’t persuade investors at Silicon Valley to invest in Alibaba

What’s so exciting about Jack Ma’s journey to success is that even when odds were against him, and he kept getting rejected, he didn’t back out on building Alibaba. He persisted, with hard work, and time, his company became a global brand.

Speaking about failures, and what it taught him, here are some of the tings he had to say what he had to say:

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure
We keep fighting, we keep changing ourselves, we do not complain


There is so much to learn from Jack Ma’s story that I wouldn’t be able to cover in this post, but you can read it here.

Now to us!

That which you are currently building, be it a Family, Business, Enterprise, Career or even Brand Name that seems not to be turning out the way you want yet, please do not give up on it. Let Jack Ma’s story inspire you, to keep forging ahead, putting in the hard work and with time, you will have good success.


Please say this with me:

I am consciously building a life of success, and I won’t give up now.


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