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Business Lessons from my visit to the bookshop

I had one of my frequent trips to the bookshop. Yes the book shop is one of my favorite places on earth, because it just opens my eyes to seeing life in a brand new perspective. On this day, I had gone to the bookshop to purchase some books for some customers (I am the Personal Book Shopper and I can help you get any book you want).


I was sitting down at the bookshop, scanning through some books. While sitting, I met a woman who also came to buy books for her kids. I could see her with already prepared list, calling each one of her kids to tick off the books they needed. In my mind, I just thought, motherhood is a lot. And I concluded within myself that the greatest gift a parent can give to a child is quality education. While still admiring this superwoman, I decided to start up a conversation with her. I have learned so well the act of building relationships, that I now know that everywhere is a good place to connect with people.

I told her what I was doing at the bookshop, and asked if she as a mother would be willing to pay for someone to help her get books for her children. She said- “Why not if not”. She even went further to saying that her friends would also love to do same too, as it will take off a lot of stress from them. As she talked, I could only imagine the numerous responsibilities a mother has, just to keep her family together.

As our conversation progressed…

She started giving me insights into how I could run a business and be profitable at it. Afterwards, she requested for my number and asked that I send her a WhatsApp message.

As a sharp girl!

I did so immediately. We exchanged our final goodbye’s from the bookshop. I continued with my book shopping spree. But afterwards, I began to sense real gratitude and happiness coming from within me.

I have been conceiving a business idea from sometime now, and just in one meeting, this “Angel Woman” had given me so much hope, and insight into how to go about the business. You really needed to see the joy written all over by face after the meeting.

And so, I learned the following business lessons from that experience:

1. Keep using your brain to think and churn out ideas.

2. Don’t despise anyone, you don’t know who will provide you with the information you need to advance your idea.

3. Open up and build relationships with people. Life wasn’t designed to be lived in isolation.

I trust you have been inspired by this post.. Please share this post with your friends and together, let us grow and fulfil our dreams.


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