Choosing Destiny over Emotions

I am reminded of the story of Ruth in the Holy Bible. How she lost her husband and became a young widow. I am thinking of the deep pain the loss caused her.

And then she chooses to cleave to her mother in-law even in pain. Did this woman not remind her of her loss? What more could this woman offer her?

This woman Naomi, even discouraged Ruth from coming with her on this new journey, a journey to finding a new life for herself, after the loss of her 2 sons. She said, paraphrasing- even if I give birth to a son today, will he grow up to marry you today?

Naomi gave no hope to this Ruth, she also had her pain and was nursing it.

But how did Ruth see destiny beyond this pain?

Ruth saw a destiny she could be part of. She saw a prophecy that could be fulfiled through her, she saw ahead of her, she saw that if she stuck close to this wailing Naomi, looking beyond the pain, she would be part of something epic – The Lineage of our dear saviour, Jesus Christ.

Ruth had every reason to return, Oprah her fellow wife had turned back, kissed Mother in-law Naomi goodbye and went back to her people.

Ruth took her pain, and pledged allegiance instead to the fulfiment of the prophecy.
She saw beyond the present pain she was experiencing and chose destiny.

This story teaches us some lessons:

1. The journey to fulfiment of destiny won’t always be a rosy one, but in the end, there will be a great reward for perseverance.

2. On the jounery of life; there will always be junctions to make critical decisions. Destiny won’t be forced on us, as we have a freewill to choose the way we want to go.

3. The pain point you are currently experiencing could actually be an opening leading to the fulfiment of destiny. How do you Interprete the events of your life?

4. Where you are currently isn’t necessarily your final bustop. See beyond the pain.

5. Your emotions are not always right. Do not make important decisions of life based on them


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