Consistency: The Best Toolkit Required For a Successful Life

No doubt, the importance of consistency can never be over flogged if one truly wants to live a successful  and more fulfilling life. Over the past few days, I have been reading a book titled- The 10X Rule, written by Grant  Cardone and learning so much on what success truly  means. 

Truth be told, everyone desires some level of success and desire to live a certain quality of life. Whilst this wish is often borne by a lot of people, many seldom attain to living  the successful  kind of life they desire. The clear evident difference between the Wishers, and Doers, which eventually makes up for the kind of life people end up living, is the amount of work and energy they put into what they do consistently over time.

What really is Consistency? 

According  to the Cambridge Dictionary, Consistency  is the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way or of always happening  in a similar way.  Relating consistency to our topic of discourse, Consistency would mean the act of waking up, showing up on the scene whether you feel like it or not. 


To live a truly successful  lifestyle, consistency is not a tool kit that you use once in a while, or just one area of your life. It is what you make a conscious practice  of in  your conversations, Business, Work, Relationships and Family life. 


A lot of times, why most  businesses do not get to enjoy the benefit of their work is because they treat what they do casually and make it pretty difficult for people to remember their business services when  a need arises.


Another angle to view consistency is in the area of personal growth, by this I mean setting out goals and achieving them. Be it trying to keep fit, learning  a new skill.or becoming a better spouse, applying the principle of consistency is very essential. Most times, what happens to people is that they aren’t  able  to consistently manage themselves  to do  what they set out to do. They could be very good with setting goals, but once it comes to doing the work, they start off and back out when  they get tired or experience a major setback.


But what helps successful people achieve exceptional results is that when they feel tired or fail, they take out time to recharge their energy, restrategize and get back on the race.


To start practising  the act of consistency, try the following:

  • Get up when your alarm sounds in the morning 
  • Do your exercise for the allotted time you planned
  • Create a to-do list of definite things you plan to achieve
  • Do what you planned to do everyday
  • Stop procrastinating

In Conclusion 

The principle of Consistency is not a skill left for only a select  people to practise nor is it something  anyone cannot practise regardless of the current level they are operating right now. It only takes a lot of discipline, self will, and doing one thing at a time everyday.

I encourage you to put in the work so you can get the kind of results you want- A truly successful life!


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