Desire: What you need to achieve your goals in 2022

Have you ever desired to have something so badly that you almost want to give up everything to have it? I bet we have all have had several strong and intense desires before.  It is interesting to note that one of the most powerful tools for getting things, achieving goals, and launching out a better version of ourselves often starts with having a desire to have these things. The Holy Bible explains this further in (Mark 11:24)

 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.


But then, having a strong desire alone isn’t sufficient to have the very things you want as we know that life will not present us with what we desire alone but much more, what we go after in hard pursuit. No doubt,  this year like other previous years presents us with several blank cheques and opportunities that we can maximize in career, business, family, and relationships. But the year will only truly be a great one for us if we silenced the voice of doubt, imposter syndrome, and lack of courage constantly ringing in our heads. By this I mean, even as we make plans, set out goals to achieve, there will be a lot of things that would want discourage us and make us lose focus in the year.

But I want to encourage you this year:

  • If you want something so badly, go after it  fiercely 
  • If you want to improve the quality of life you live, go on a personal self-development journey 
  • If you want to launch or scale up your  business, do so with so many guts 
  • If you want to be married, prepare, make yourself ready and available for your marital miracle 


In Conclusion,

 I want you to know that there is nothing you cannot achieve this year with God on your side. But then, things will not just come to you by chance. It will require you to have a strong desire, mixed with enough courage, and be in company with the right and timely associations.  

I pray that as we step out of our comfort zones and take strides this year, God will truly help us.

Thanks for reading this post and have a remarkable year 2022 ahead.

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Joyce Olawunmi

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