Do not give up easily

I found myself muttering these words, never give up, you just got started. I looked deep within myself, and I knew in a way, I was gradually giving up on something I had held on to or so long. It felt so much an easy thing to do. But I was ready to throw in the towel. What happened to all the positive confessions I usually made? and all the inspiring messages I send out to people? This was real, this was me struggling with a serious mind battle over a matter.

So this is what happened

I was taking a stroll around my life. Thinking of areas that I wanted drastic changes. As I spotted one that had lingered for so long, I just began to feel like, I would never achieve that dream. My mind started playing a fast one on me, to settle for less and not reach for more.  I won’t lie to you, I had started giving up in my mind already.

Do you know the funny thing?

If you asked me whether I still believed in achieving that goal, I would be so quick to answer you YES. But the truth is, what my mouth would be saying, and what was in my heart would be totally different. And even if I could deceive everyone else, I knew I couldn’t deceive myself. I started to do a retrace…

What really went wrong? Could it be that I haven’t even given my best yet to achieve this goal?

After much thinking, I realised I was a bit lazy on the matter, I hadn’t tried out all the best option, and somehow, all I had always done was to wish for this goal to be achieved. Luckily for me, I started listening to a message by one of my favourite preachers, Pastor Poju, he started to talk about the Quantum Leap. The message resonated so well with me, and gradually, I saw hope arise within me once more. I knew that what had just happened to me a few minutes ago could happen to anyone. And also, that it was a mental battle, I had to fight to win.

As I write this post

I haven’t entirely figured out how I would go about smashing that goal. But one thing is sure, I have won the battle of my mind today, and I am more energised to doing so tomorrow.

Hey dear

I wrote this post to encourage you and myself, never to give up when believing for a thing to happen. It might not look like anything is happening now, but hold on, fight, win in your mind, and above all, never give up.

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Joyce Olawunmi


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