Don’t stop striving for excellence!

striving for excellence
striving for excellence

Don’t stop striving for excellence!

I am learning the art of storytelling and hence I am putting it to use in my writings. So I will tell a short story of myself. I started a new job almost a year ago. I remember how excited I was about getting the job. I had just finished reading my favourite book; What it takes by Amy Henry just before I got the job. I was so fired up and excited to start practising what I learned from the book.

I did the following things:

  1. I got new jotter to start taking notes at work.
  2. I wrote down my daily to-do lists.
  3. I wrote a personal statement for myself to ensure excellent performance at work.

My new job was in an entirely new industry, so I made up my mind to prove myself by striving for excellence in all that I did. I won’t lie to you, these things didn’t come by so easy.  I had to do so much extra work because I had a goal in mind. My boss at work noticed my ”hard work” and often commended me.

But after some time, I realised that I wasn’t giving so much diligence at work as I used to. I became a bit distracted, and my performance at work dropped. It wasn’t so noticeable to others at work, but I knew within me that something was wrong.

What I did

After I realised that something was wrong, I decided to speak to my career mentor, to relay things to him. He asked me a simple question: So do you want to lose your job?  I replied and said –NO. Thereafter, he counselled and encouraged me on how to get back to striving for excellence in my job. He told me to do the following things:

  1. Every day you get to work, identify the major tasks you need to accomplish.
  2. Set them down as to-dos for that day.
  3. Work at accomplishing those daily tasks.
  4. Find time to learn how to do things differently and better.
  5. Keep staying motivated

After he finished speaking to me, I felt really relieved. But I said to myself, I was doing all of these things before, but what made me change? As I left his office that day, after speaking with him, I realised that what happened to me was that I lost sight of my career goal. I started thinking that all those things I used to do before, striving for excellence were mundane and wasn’t adding to my career development. But I was so wrong.  Hence I decided to start re-taking the steps my mentor mentioned to me and I can tell you, now, I am doing better at my job.


I decided to share in this post about what I learned on striving for excellence on my job. Believe me, this can also be applied to other aspects of life. Don’t ever think that those little steps you take daily to becoming a better version of yourself are in vain. Just keep doing what you can and should do, and very soon, you will have a good reward for your consistency.



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