Enjoying the moment, whilst reaching for more

Enjoying the moment whilst reaching for more. This thought  crossed my mind lately, as I pondered on some things.  The pace at which the world is moving, the many start up’s, events , training and all. And how that you barely have the opportunity to catch your breath. There is always something to do everyday to keep us engaged. A goal  that can be crashed a training that can be taken, a money that can be saved, and  a love partner that can be kept.

Life is always in the motion, and so are we too!

It usually would feel great for one to keep outdoing his/ her former self, reeling out new ideas constantly crashing goals,but more often than not, I have come to wonder why some people who seem so successful end up in depression even after several many wins.

There could be many possibilities why people may fall into that state but one clear conclusion that can be drawn from this kind of scenario is that, happiness isn’t about what you have, do or don’t have. It is usually a personal decision that each can make for their own sanity.


Having said this, it will also be safe to say that we are not what we do, but rather who we are intrinsically. Meaning that we are Human Beings, and not Human- Doings. 

So what happens when you don’t have an idea , a project to work on, or a new goal to crash? Should that stop you from  enjoying life and having fond memories?

I have come to realise that we live in such a fast paced world, where we are always quick to doing the next thing. We often derive our self worth from doing and this might sometimes make us miss out on enjoying the joy of the moment. For example, you have always dreamed  of getting a new job. You  start the new job, but few months down the line, you begin to feel like the job isn’t something great to be appreciated.

I know that human needs are insatiable, and obviously everyone  wants more, wants better  but this crave and desire  should not deter us from enjoying the moment.

From the earlier example of starting a dream job, instead of thinking  of the next job to jump to after 6 months, why not pick and learn as much as you can where you are as you have the opportunity to.  It could  be as simple as building a network of relationships, learning new etiquettes or even improving your communcation skills.

I believe that at every stage and phase we find ourselves, life always  has something to teach us. But for us to see and learn these things, we need to live in the present, allow ourselves to be part of such moments, and truly enjoy it.


I know how it feels to want more but still be at the same spot, the feeling could be depressing at times, but choose to see such phases as an opportunity to learn and grow in certain areas. Do not always be so quick to wanting to jump to doing something else, there is still so much you can learn where you are that will be useful  for the next  phase you are aiming at.

















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