Finding Yourself is a Journey

Finding yourself is one of the most beneficial things that can happen to you as a human. Sometimes, we get into the rush of achieving so much, and the busyness of living life, that we often don’t get to discover ourselves in the process.

Finding Yourself means, taking note of who you are, understanding your personality and appreciating your uniqueness. Living life is a serious ball game, but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of enjoying the process.


Recently, I had a serious thought session. I had been chasing some things, planning, figuring out life. I had so much laid down activities and plans that I proposed to achieve. But I realised that in my bid to get these things, I was gradually losing touch of myself. I know that it all so good to set goals and crash them, but what’s more important is the person you become while achieving that goal.

These few things can help you in Finding Yourself;

Discover What Makes You Tickle

One of the things that make me Tickle is Writing. I love to write, and express my thoughts a lot. It took me a while to realise that writing was my unique gifting. I had always compared myself to others and wanted to do what they could do. But realising that writing is my thing makes me appreciate myself better now. What makes you also Tickle  ?

How Do You Respond When Under Pressure?

See, this kind of question is very valid. I know it’s not good to base your opinion of yourself on what people think of you, but it is also important to examine certain things being said about you.  What do people say about you when you are under pressure?  This could give an indication of Finding Yourself.

What Do You Hate?

I like this saying. I like what I like and I hate what I hate. Truthfully speaking,  you can’t like what everyone else likes. And you shouldn’t blame yourself for this. Most times, we like to hide under the disguise of – I don’t want to be alone on this side of the divide, and hence we get to pretend to like something that we aren’t really cool with. Hey, if you truly want to find yourself, you need to stand your ground and hold on to your opinion.

In Conclusion

Finding Yourself is a process you should never retire from.  Be comfortable with finding YOU. It might take a while, but it surely will pay off in the end.





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