For better results? Here’s ONE THING you need

It’s the 3rd month of the year already. No doubt, goals are already been smashed and aligned too. But hey, have you truly been enjoying the year?

Let me gist you about something simple I learned lately on pausing and realigning your focus.

I learned this concept from a book I am currently reading, One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. The One Thing Concept talks about focusing your energy and centering your activities around ONE BIG thing you want to achieve at a given time. Meaning that to be truly effective, you don’t need to engage in doing everything right now!!


Hey, I know you are multi-talented,

But learning from great people who achieve outstanding results, they usually focus their energy on getting ONE BIG THING done. Truthfully speaking, some activities we engage in will never help us achieve the kind of result we truly want/desire in life. So why not give attention to what matters the MOST!

  • Is it a new job you want? Concentrate your energy on getting it
  • Is it a job promotion, focus squarely on that
  • Is it moving your business to the next level, give it all it takes
  • Is it growing  a relationship, get serious with it
  • Is it getting a professional certification, give it your best shot


The year is still very young and fruitful. I encourage you to take a pause, review where you currently are right now. Identify the following:

  • What part of your daily activities do you need to eliminate?
  • Which ones do you need to pay more attention to?
  • What activities/ tools will make you become more effective daily?  

In conclusion

The ultimate goal is to achieve the most and BECOME  a better YOU daily. So, concentrate your energy on doing one thing daily that will help you achieve your big goals this year.

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