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Getting Value by Leveraging on Relationships

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I turned down a proposal…

Don’t worry, It’s not a marriage proposal I turned down. But a story I want to share. Some time ago, I got linked to rendering service to an organization. I had signed all the necessary documents and eventually agreed on a cost. Few days to the commencement of the project, and when payment was to be made, the company reached out and reduced the offer price whilst still requiring the same quality of work.

I won’t like to bore you with the details of how the whole story went, but I declined the offer! What? I know you might be thinking, what could make me decline such an opportunity to work with an organization, what did I know and what did I have?

I knew a mentor who gave me wise counsel.

Paraphrasing…He said. Wunmi, don’t play the beggars card, negotiate well, own this thing, you are ready for this!


Trust me, I was scared.

What if they don’t get back to me, what if they don’t accept my pricing? What if they get it done cheaper somewhere else? I would just lose out.

But this mentor gave me the courage to try. After much negotiations, I agreed to a better deal with the organization.

My friend, I am not here to tell you how very fantastic I am at closing deals or act like I know it all. I am still learning how to interact, communicate better, negotiate,  and place value on my services, I am here to tell you that in life, you need to walk with the right association. You need wise counsel to help you see your awesomeness and also blind spots.


The truth is

You cannot command certain values when you haven’t done your homework excellently well. Keep honing your skill, know your game, build up to mastery, and whilst doing so, get enough counsel from mentors, friends, family as you rise. This is how you can have the courage to say No when you should and YES when you should.

In whatever you do, do not just fall for anything no matter how juicy it sounds at first. Think it through, run it through someone else if possible. As I often say, do not go through your life seasons alone, go with God and wise people.


This year, I am willing to walk with anyone who would love to outperform their former best and live a truly satisfying life. If you like the idea, chat with me through this link.

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Thanks for reading this post.


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