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God has massive investment in your life

Lately, I had a thought on the enormous investment  God has in us and decided to pen down my thoughts in this post. I trust  that you find this useful, resourceful and inspiring.


God has massive investment in your life even if you know or don’t about it yet. This investment is your God-given resources to fulfil your divine assignment on earth.


Also, all the details of these resources will not be revealed to you at once, it will come in seasons and phases as you walk with God on your lives’ journey.


Most times, we are seldom aware of the resources that God has provided us with at different stages of our lives, because we look at the events and situations in our life to form a judgement of who we are or what we can do.


That you aren’t operating at a particular level doesn’t mean that God hasn’t made the resources you need to operate at such. The reason for this difference may be a lack of knowledge of what has been made available or not even knowing what to do with what has been given.


So here is what can be of help:

  1. Revisit the words that God has spoken to you in the past about your life. Every word God says is always valid at every point in time
  2. Meditate and allow the Holy Spirit invade your thoughts on how to utilize these resources
  3. Do not be afraid to take bold steps God lays in your heart to do
  4. Be Diligent in utilizing these resources
  5. Avoid distractions such as comparing yourself with others or even allowing the devil to belittle what you are doing


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