God is too faithful to fail

As I sit to write this post, the question I am asking myself is – is God too faithful to fail? Why do I all of a sudden think only about the needs in my life as though that is all there is to me?

But you know what? I won’t  even allow my mind to travel so far, but give an immediate response to the ruminations of my heart .

I am human, and hence would have needs and things I am believing God for. So also should you. So when you think about the needs in your life and it seems like they are enormous, just remember, that you are human!

But here is what the devil tries to do

He tries to mess up with your mind and make you think as if God is not faithful. He tells you, if God is too faithful to fail, then why have you not received answers to all the prayers you have been making?

He would tell you, you aren’t  praying enough, or you do  not qualify to receive such blessings.


Ehen, what has an intruder got to say in a Father – Son relationship?

Absolutely, NOTHING!!!

All the devil tries to do is poke his nose into the affairs of people, by bringing suggestions to make them believe that nothing is working well for them.

Haaa, you need to be extra wise

The devil is cunny and has funy schemes. He is all out to suck out the very life that God has planned for you to life. His mission is the same, to kill, steal and destroy. But the good news is that Jesus also has a mission and that is to give us life. John 10:10.

God is actively working to make all things work together for your good.  He said clearly in his word, Romans 8: 28, that all things work together for the good of they that love God.

God is too faithful to fail you

He isn’t a man that he will promise and fail, neither is he the son of man that he will repent of what he has said. What he has promised you, he will surely bring it to pass.

But you also have a role to play

1. Choose to believe his word that he has spoken concerning you. Go back to the Bible  and search for the promises of God particularly the one that speaks about that situation you are trusting him for. The book of Isaiah  contains so much promises you can claim to be yours.

2. Confess God’s word that you have believed. It is not just enough to say you believe that God is too faithful  to fail. You must also confess his promises that you believe. A good approcah will be to write out at least one page Confession on what you have believed about his word concerning that situation and keep saying it everyday to yourself.

3. Continue praying about what you want God to do. Philipians 4: 6 in Amplified version talks about how we should keep praying in every  and any circumstance. Pray when it seems you do not know what to do, keep praying even when you have received the answers, always pray!

Finally Brethren,

God is too faithful to fail. Do not allow situations to tell you otherwise. Infact, he is actually for you and he will make all things work out beautifully for your good.

Stay encouraged with this song – Too faithful to fail by Moses Bliss



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