God knows, and He Cares

Hi, I am glad to be writing this post to encourage you. I have decided to share a bit of some of my rumination lately with you.

I have come to realize that a lot of people are getting burdened about what the future holds for them,  getting a desired job, changing location or even settling down maritally. I know these are very genuine concerns that comes up in our heart from time to time, but more often than not, when these things come to our heart, they come to bother us.

I have learned that the needs of the heart is always on the increase, and that even when you seem to have gotten what you have been praying for so long, another need pops up and then the worry cycle continues.. What a circus life.

No doubt,  these needs always  fights to disrupt our peace of mind. Life is real, and issues are very real.

I won’t be oblivious  to say that there are no times when we get so pressed and may feel like giving up.  But  I have also come to learn  that the cares and worries of this life are surmontable.

A while ago, I was speaking to a Mentor, relaying a dear need in my heart. He counselled me, and also told me something I will never forget. Paraphrasing, he said, ”Build your inner self to a position  whereby you can trust God with and through everything”.  

I know this might sound like some old stuff we hear every now and then, but taking this beyond just the surface or what we have always known all our lives will really help us. I have ruminated about this statement  so much and have come up with some actionable steps that  can help us build up ourselves to withstand and over come any difficulties that may come out way. Here they are:


Speak to God about every situation

Speaking to God about how you feel at every point of your life journey  is a great blessing. I often  love to say that, if there is a person to pray, there is always  a God to listen. 

We are here  on earth not to live with our own compass, but to trust the one who created us to guide us through  our life’s journey.

You have carried that burden  for too long, it is time to tell God to help you and give you rest. Speak to God about it in prayers, stop worrying  about the challenges, he is a God who cares, and helps, 1st Peter 5: 7.

Remember the Past Victory

This is a principle I am learning  to deploy in my life, and that is to remember what God has done  for me in the past. Lately, as the devil tries to remind me of how the needs in my life are enormous, I flash back and remind him of how God has been faithful  to me. How he saved me from a fatal accident, how he gave a a job, how he protects  my family  and the many numerous  blessings I cannot quantify.

Each time the devil reminds you of the things  that aren’t  working in your life, flash back and remind him of all that God has done for you  in the past. This is a good way to win the  battles of life.

Praise God in everything

Of course, you know God inhabits in the praises of his  people. He sure does! I have learned  these days to praise God in every situation anď it has really  given  me peace of mind. When those storms come raging again in your mind, instead of complaining, praise God.

Open the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible, sing out the wondrous works of God. Praise him when you feel he is working, praise him even when things are not working. Praise  God in everything.

In Conclusion,

Whatever  situation you might be in right now, God knows and He cares. Do not ever think that what you are going through right now is going to crush you, God has a better plan for your life. Hang in there with him, be bare to him, speak to him always about  how you feel, trust him with your life, trust him with the seasons of your life. He surely will take care of you, because is a good father.

Please be encouraged  by this song, Good Good Father  by Chris Tomlin.


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Joyce Olawunmi


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  • Beautiful piece. Insightful. Well.delivered.

    Thank you Wunmi for sharing these thoughts with us your readers, thanks be to God who causes us to triumph always….

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