Greatest Lessons Learned in 2020, a Compilation

No doubt, the year 2020 has been such an eventful year for all of us, with lots of unexpected occurrences all through the year But one of the good thing 2o20 did for us was to teach us on how to re-invent the way we have learned to live over time. Working from home, multi-tasking while cooking, planning and attending webinars, taking track of your life and future ambitions.

As a yearly practice, I like to look back in retrospect to how the year had been for me, the lessons I learned and the things I need to pick up going forward.

In this post, I have shared some of the greatest lessons I learned in 2020 and I also had some of my friends  share some of the greatest lessons they learned too. Please read them below:

Greatest Lessons Learned in 2020


In 2020, I learned the importance of trusting God totally, and knowing that- God has a way of taking care of his children. I also learned the importance of creating  and multiplying wealth. Wealth flows in the direction of Value. If you want to create wealth, you must learn how to give value through what you do.


For her, year  2020 taught her the importance of using her time judiciously. In her words, You can’t afford to waste your time.


What she learned to appreciate and practice more in 2020 is Self love and the gift of friendship.


We need to be prepared to live beyond our current way of living. We should be ready to accept changes. Covid-19 made us realize that some jobs that are not so essential as what they are serving can easily be forgone. So, whatever I do that is not serving a NEED, I will reconsider it and find a way to offer an essential service that serves a NEED wherever it is applied. We need to learn to be givers and NOT takers. In dire situations, takers would be the ones that would be thrown out easily. There would always be a search for how to keep the givers. I will be more of a giver and less of a taker for the rest of my life


2020 taught her to be and do so much more.


I learnt that if you give an answer back to a fool, you are not any less of a fool yourself. Proverbs 26:4-5.


What she learned most about 2020 is that people have their lives to live. And whatever they choose to bring her into or not is their business. Nobody owes her revealing the intimate bit of their lives.


2020 taught him to be very wary when the ovation is loudest. The very characteristics that are celebrated could also serve as the seeds for a person’s downfall.


I’ve learnt that I can achieve anything I put my mind to doing.


I learnt that hard work and being smart is not enough, grace is what we need most.


My greatest lesson learned in 2020 is knowing people are your greatest investment. Invest in relationships: family, friends, associate, colleagues, boss, subordinates and others you come in contact with. Because when money fails you can spend the people’s currency. Invest in people’s education, enlightenment, knowledge, skills. Motivate, inspire and help them discover and achieve their purpose. In the year of lockdown many were locked in with family, neighbors and friends that they share the same apartment, compound, location etc. For some they felt at home and lockdown wasn’t a prison sentence while for others lockdown was a prison sentence since they haven’t invested enough to enjoy the company of those they live together with.

Ibironke says..

Year 2020 helped her understand more on the importance of  Times, Seasons  as well as knowing one’s purpose in God. Knowing this will save you a whole lot of struggling. Do your part and leave the rest to God. When it is time, it will all fall into place. Guiding your heart jealousy does not only mean not thinking what is bad but it largely depends on the ability to rebuke and purge out what has been conceived internally.

Words CREATE. Speak what you want to see. If there is one big vision I caught in 2020 , it is how you use my WORD to birth out my FUTURE. It works, it might delay but no WORD spoken (if not rebuked) will ever miss its purpose, CREATION.

Surrounding yourself with intercessory minds as great friends is as good as investing powers ahead of your weak days. Know the TRIBE you are and breed Up!

In 2020, I understood the power of setting things I needed to achieve as a goal. The goal is a vision board, you can see the possibility of what is achievable with a set SMART GOAL and eliminate wasting time and effort unnecessarily.

Also, I learnt not to be afraid to upgrade. Yes, it’s okay to feel imposter syndrome. Just do it anyways. There is no amount too much to put into self investment. It opens you up to a larger circle that brings you closer to the wins.

Overall, 2020 was a year worth a million lessons and I’m thankful to God that I lived to experience and learn them all.

In Conclusion

Thank you everyone who shared their greatest lessons learned in 2020 in this post. I trust you have been inspired by this post. What were the greatest lessons you learned in 2020? Would you like to share them to inspire others? please do so in the comment section below.

Cheers to an amazing 2021 full of learning…






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  • The year 2020 has proven to me again that change is the only permanent thing in the world. Whatever we do now must be a way of preparing to fit into the position of change that is ahead.

    2020 showed me that dreams can be fulfilled if we create valuable time to invest in it.
    I learnt that:
    ✓ wealth and money truly have wings and can relocate.
    ✓ Technology might not replace humans but will probably replace those who don’t have the required mastery of it
    ✓ Relationships are very important aspect of life and should not be underestimated

    The year really has countless lessons that time and this space isn’t enough to share.

  • This is so thoughtful!
    My name is Onyekachi and my biggest lesson is simple: if you are good at what you do there are definitely people who will come with Value (money) for your value (skill/knowledge).

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