Guard yourself with the truth

And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32)

The Bible is clear on what makes for freedom or Bondage, Truth. So many times, we get to suffer certain things, not because we ought to , but because we are not exposed to the requisite knowledge of truth in that area. For example, a man with an umbrella, under a heavy rain might never know that he ought to use it as a covering to prevent the rain from hitting him This is the same way, if we do not know what God’s word/ truth has afforded us, we end up living less than what God has designed for us.

So also, does the Devil capitalize on ignorance, infact this is one of his most strategic tools. Just like he tempted Jesus to jump down a high cliff, with the promise that God will give his angel charge over him to protect him. This looks true, but conversely, isn’t what or how God would expect us to behave in that kind of situation.

Another tactic the devil most often uses again is in terms of deception, selling lies, old wives fables, with the aim of messing up with our minds. The devil can and will never tell the truth. Whatever he brings to your mind, is a lie. So when he brings thoughts of unworthiness to you, self limiting thoughts and beliefs, just know that this isn’t the truth of who you are.

In Conclusion

The truth stands and speaks for himself, it doesn’t hide in a corner. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through might not be the truth of who you are or what God intends for you. It is however your responsibility to search out these truth yourself. Go for the word of God, search the scriptures, see what God has said about it, practice what he says about you and choose to only believe the truth as your reality.

The truth always sets free. Choose the truth.


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