Happy New Month, Welcome to the Last Quarter of Year 2020

Happy New Month from this part of the World.

How are you doing today? I am fine, and still celebrating the 60th Independence day Celebration of my beloved Country Nigeria which was some days ago.

Hey, it’s the last quarter of the year, and we are gradually coming to the end of the Year 2020. This month, I encourage you to live a truly happy life and be pleased with yourself. It is very possible to feel like you haven’t achieved so much in the past months, and you are already packing your bags  to jump into the next year, but  hey, we still have 3 months to go, and there is so much you can achieve before the year runs out.

Here is what you can do:

Spend the next few days sitting down and critically considering each area of your life. Think of at least ONE THING you can do to move a step further in that area,  set such as a LAST QUARTER GOAL. It could be:

  • Signing up and taking that professional course to help your Career Growth
  • Registering  and paying to  learn an in-demand skill
  • Committing to reading at least a  page of a Book everyday to grow your knowledge bank
  • Launching out that Business idea you had at the beginning of the year
  • Sending a message and connecting with that person you want to Mentor you

Whatever it is, JUST DO IT. it’s not over, until it is over!  Don’t allow the rest of the year just slide by, make it a very productive one, thrive with your vision.

I have Some recommendations

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  2. To kickstart  a Career in the Tech Space, register for Testify Testcode Bootcamp  through this link
  3. To learn how to position yourself to be employable and land a fantastic job, register for the Employable Graduate through this link

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