Here’s how to achieve life balance

life balance
life balance

It is important for everyone to create systems that will help them achieve life balance. This is essential because as individuals, a lot of things will keep calling for our attention and we must prioritize on what should be done per time.

Recently, I was speaking to a friend and we were analysing how much emphasis is being placed on balancing life, but more often than not, when people talk about life balance, they talk about it in the context of a certain set of people. For example, having balance as a mother or married woman. Whilst the degree of balance that is required for everyone differs, with varying responsibilities at different stages of life responsibilities, I also believe that every individual also needs a life balance.

According to an article by  Yaroslav Lehenchuk   on mediumThere is no work-life balance, just life balance , he defines life balance as a state where everything you do complements your life’s work.


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So basically, life balance means how you structure your life to accommodate for everything that matters to you as an individual. A lot of times, why most people don’t seem to achieve so much of their life goals is because they do not know how to balance up activities in their lives properly.

Below, I am sharing how to create balance in some key areas of life :

Self  Development

It is essential to always have plans to develop yourself as an individual.  From time to time, check out the areas of your life that you want to experience growth and create measures on how to achieve them.

These things can help you achieve life balance to grow and develop yourself:

  • Plan your life goals
  • Have a time when you sleep and wake up daily
  • Draw up daily to-do’s
  • Consciously add to your knowledge base daily
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Exercise daily

Work/ Career

Charting a carer path is one of the most essential things you will need to do as an individual. Even if you run a business, it is still essential that your daily life should accommodate for how to improve your business.  Every day, think up ways in which you can grow in your career and consciously work on them.


Relationships are the bedrock of life. And it is essential that even as we run very busy schedules, we create time to feed grow our relationships. This shouldn’t be done for selfish reasons though but should be done genuinely. Basically, create time to always connect with people.

In Conclusion

Living a balanced life is what we all need to keep doing in life. The desired life balance you need will not come to you instantly. It is a habit that you will need to keep mastering with time.  This quote by Aristotle sums up what a balanced life means :

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 



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