Here’s how to increase your self-confidence level

increase your self confidence level
increase your self confidence level

A happy new month to you, I am so excited to talk on how to increase your self-confidence level today. Hey, this is going to be such an interesting read, just follow through with me….

As a young girl, one thing I constantly struggled with was my self-confidence. No doubt, I had so much inferiority complex, I was shy, I was timid, and I had zero levels of self-confidence. In fact, I always didn’t want to associate with people simply because I thought others were better off than I was, and I didn’t have a voice to speak. No doubt, I was pretty, but you just couldn’t see that of me, because I didn’t even believe in that myself, I constantly struggled with having very low self-esteem. Clearly, I can pinpoint to some of the things that made me have such a low-level of self-confidence, but in total, I will say my environment had a greater role to play on this.

So what changed this?

Associations and Relationships did it for me. When I went to university, I realized that I had a chance to mingle and speak out. The several group assignments and tasks always required that I work with people to get things done Also, the Christian fellowship I attended back then in school went a long way to help build my self-confidence level.

So when I talk about how to increase your self-confidence level, I can really relate to the topic. In this post, I will share 3 ways in which you increase your self-confidence level:

Start Doing Those Things You Ordinarily would not find Yourself Doing

One of the best ways to increase your self confidence level is to discover yourself and the things you can do.  When you start doing useful things with your life, passion and purpose, your self confidence level will invariably increase.

Build a Strong Network of Friends

You know friends that slay together, grow together right? If you want to build your self-confidence level, stay around people who can motivate you, and inspire you all the time. This also means stay away from bad company and those who want to sabotage your vision.

Be committed to Personal Development Growth

There is no better way to increase your self-confidence level, save being committed to your personal growth. You should always be consciously aiming at forming new habits that will make your life better. Constantly shed off limiting habits, and in no time, your self-confidence level will be increased.

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