Hey, here’s how to read daily

how to read daily
how to read daily

I am truly excited to talk on one of my favorite topics, how to read daily. This is one topic I speak on the most, as I have seen the positive impact of reading in my life.

Truthfully speaking, my love for reading didn’t start overnight, it sure is a habit I have developed and still developing till now. So you also can develop this reading habit, just be patient with yourself, I will share some things to help you do this.

How to practically read

To actually achieve anything in life, there are some guidelines you should follow. This is also the same thing with reading. Although these guidelines aren’t stringent, they can actually be of great help to you. Here they are:


Choose a book you will love to read

Personally, what I do is choose a book I would love to read at the beginning of every new month. This can be gotten through a referral from a friend, browsing online, or even getting a book from that role model you have been admiring for some time now.


Plan and save towards getting the book

After you have chosen a book you will love to read, save to buy it. Take out some money from your salary, savings, business profit or even pocket money to buy the book. The cost of the book could even be as low as N500. Basically, it’s about making the plan to deliberately own and read a book.


Buy the book

It’s time to get the book. Go to a book shop to buy the book, order online for that book, buy it, and keep it!


Address the book to yourself

The psychology of addressing books to myself works big time for me. It actually makes me love the book and want to read it. So, when you get the book you would love to read, address it to yourself. Write out sweet things that you aim to achieve from reading the book. Put your signature and date on it. That’s your asset anytime, any day!

Read the book

And finally, read, read, read. Get help to read, get accountability partners, join a reading book club, and discipline yourself to read.

In Conclusion

I hope this post was very helpful to you. If you need help developing a consistent reading habit, then here is my invitation to you to join the 30 Days Reading Challenge online Book Club. As the Lead Coach of the online book club, I help people develop and maintain a consistent reading habit.

If you will love to be a part of the book club, please send me a mail:



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